A faster way to build back-end speed driven applications.

The problem of developing admin backend after building an application has been solved with the help of FiiA, a generic admin package for codefii.

use Codefii\Controllers\Controller;
class HomeController extends Controller
  *@author Prince Ekemini Darlington
  public function index()
    echo "Welcome to codefii!";


Build a speed driven project

The right tool gives you the right solution. Leverage on speed, write less code and have more results.


Codefii is in between micro-and-macro framework, it's niether 50% micro or not.


You can use any php library from any source without even noticing your using a framework

Clean URL Routing Technique

Codefii routing is SEO friendly, anti SQL-INJECTION and security driven.

Zero Config

Everything was almost configured right out of the box, we had to leave just four lines of configuration for you.

Clean ORM & Queries

Use the active record pattern to perform awesome database operation through Fiirm.

Advanced OOP


namespace App\Models;
use Codefii\Entity\Orm\Fiirm;
class Books extends Fiirm {
public $table ="books";
public $pd ='id';
public $columns = ['title',


class Test extends Controller {
public function index(){
  return $this->view(['Pages/hello','Pages/partial']);


$router->routes('/',['[email protected]']);